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In the Mining Industry
Critical Decision Making Training for Executives

This crisis  simulation will prepare you and your business for the critical decisions that need to be made in response to ransomware attacks from a business perspective.

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“Nearly US$12 billion was paid out due to ransomware during 2019”
The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) Threat Report 2020
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How is it delivered?

Our team conducts a simulation of a ransomware incident response based on real events and the decisions that follow.  This can be delivered in house at your offices, offsite, or through an online portal.

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Unique Offering

Tannhauser has combined catastrophic incident response experience with decision making and human behaviour expertise. Your response to this attack requires a unified approach from people, process and technology. Through behavioural analysis during the session we analyse the most critical business decisions and group dynamics.

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Who is it for?

The focus of these sessions is on Executive Management, Board Members, Directors and Officers, Technical and Non-technical Senior Business Leaders from the Mining Industry.

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Two Approaches

We offer an Intensive session tailored to C-Suite level (2 hours) or an extended session for Senior Managers (3 hours) which delves more deeply into decisions made during the exercise.

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In this session we conduct a real-life simulation of the Ransomware response of a fictitious mining company and the decisions that ensue to recover from the incident and get back to business as usual. This simulation deep dives into the business risk decisions, public relations and operational challenges. The focus of the session is on business decisions for the board, executives and senior management.

Critical Thinking

As part of the session, our collaboration partner Bethan Winn will provide a presentation entitled “Decision Making Under Pressure” before the commencement of the exercise. Bethan will also be on hand to support the Tannhauser team to facilitate the session and provide feedback and guidance to the group during the exercise to ensure good thinking processes are applied to decision making.

“In FY 19/20 a cybercrime report was received every ten minutes”
The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Annual Cyber Threat Report,  July 2019 to June 2020
Michael Woods

Michael Woods is CEO of Tannhauser with over 17 years’ experience preparing for and responding to cyber incidents. Michael will be sharing his lessons learnt and experience responding to breaches in the financial services industry and consulting roles across Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

Bethan Winn

Bethan Winn is Perth's leading Critical Thinking facilitator. A multi-faceted educator with 15 years experience, she has worked on projects with UWA, Curtin University, TEDx Perth and Ideas@Perth. She delivers training on critical thinking, decision making and problem solving to SMEs, corporates, government and individuals.

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