Our Origin

Tannhauser was formed in June 2020 to improve the cyber security service capabilities of Perth, Western Australia.

After many years working in Europe, Asia and America consulting for global investment banks, our Founder and CEO Michael Woods returned to his place of birth with the objective of raising the cyber security bar for local businesses and companies. He recognised the gap between the global cyber security community and what was unfolding in Australia. In particular with regards to quantifying cyber risk adequately so that boards and owners would be more comfortable in having data-driven discussions around business risk related to cyber and making informed decisions to improve their cyber resilience and security posture. Michael started Tannhauser whilst completing his Master of Cyber Security in 2020. Since then, Tannhauser has grown from strength to strength with extensive and impactful aspirations for the future.
Tannhauser Purpose Vision Mission


Tannhauser’s purpose is to provide the best in class cyber security services to the Australian market through rapid response, pragmatic advice and prompt delivery. Cyber-attacks are now an inevitable business risk and we must address the evolving threat of cyber security. We help businesses prepare for, withstand and recover quickly from a cyber-attack. The Tannhauser team are seasoned strategic executors and globally-minded localists that deliver fundamental cyber security enhancements to your organisation.


Our vision is to make Australian businesses more secure and resilient for the digital age.


We aim to achieve this Vision by improving awareness, sovereign cyber security capabilities and addressing the skills and talent shortage.


We appreciate the importance of trust in relationships. We are committed to acting with utmost integrity at every turn. We are someone you can rely on, even when times are bad, and you know we will do the right thing by you and your business.

We have pride in what we do. We show resilience in the face of setbacks. We aim to work harder and smarter, with carefulness and persistence of work ethic.

We make waves, focusing on solving the most important and most challenging problems. Move fast, break things, fall often, learn and grow. Continuous improvement is at our core.

We’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. We take your strategy and re-imagine your security posture. We help you to think and see things differently. We are not the ordinary. We build great things. We are bold.

We know organisations must collaborate to become secure. We belong in a community. We give back to ensure no one is left behind. Security works better together. We create a secure and positive culture
“All those future cyber attacks will be lost in time, like tears in rain..”


Michael Woods
Mr Michael Woods
Founder and CEO

Mr Woods is the Founder and CEO Tannhauser. A leading thinker and innovator in cyber security, risk and resilience communities. A seasoned professional in cyber risk, assurance, cybercrime, offensive security and cyber defence. Michael has led complex engagements for many of the world’s largest financial institutions. His strategic and pragmatic approach, leadership, operational skills and unique mind-set provided for his prior successes in his career. Passion for building high performance teams to bring the right expertise to facilitate execution of large-scale cyber security, risk management and resilience transformation.



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