vCISO - virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Businesses trying to keep up with increasingly crucial security requirements and complex governance concerns alongside operational demands face an array of obstacles in maintaining an effective and contemporary cybersecurity program. Organisations needing support in this area benefit from “virtual hire” of a Chief Information Security Officer(CISO) to supplement skills within their executive team or board. A highly skilled vCISO delivers security guidance and project execution, from strategy to implementation, either in-person or remotely. Often they are backed by a team of security and information technology experts assisting the vCISO behind the scenes as needed or serving as dedicated on-site resources, depending on requirements.

Whether your current CISO wants support for a certain initiative, or your organisation lacks a CISO or security team entirely, the vCISO interfaced with your C-suite and key stakeholders to address concerns and improve your organisation's security posture in alignment with your business objectives.

Common security concerns a vCISO assists with:

  • Objective feedback on current threat landscape, risk environment and security maturity
  • Establish the operating model to deliver security services in-house or outsourced accelerating the business
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance matters
  • Incident management (eg: Ransomware / Business Email Compromise)
  • Digital Transformation of core business processes
  • Secure remote working
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)/ Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Cloud adoption and review of security configuration

Businesses with a CISO in place record the highest levels of confidence in their security preparedness, both in terms of optimisation and clarity. For small to mid-sized businesses it may be difficult to justify the expense of a full-time CISO, while recruitment is a real challenge with the global talent shortage. Getting an individual with the level of experience to be an effective CISO, not to mention a team to implement security technologies, could be costly.

Security strategies work best when they are risk-based and objective-driven. Rather than endless engagements with little or no progress, a vCISO works with you to set a sensible road map of security objectives and work through them predictably over time. The vCISO differs from the traditional consulting model and is focused on delivering sustainable capability improvement.

Tannhauser’s vCISO Service

We approach a vCISO engagement as either an on-demand or dedicated part-time basis and typically begin with a maturity, threat and risk assessment aligned to your businesses priorities. Our service model is tailored to your specific needs and includes agreed regular hours and emergency response times.  We offer:

  • Flexibility to complement your in-house capabilities with specialist skills in areas where you may not have the resources available full time;
  • Insight to the wider threat landscape and risk environment with experience drawn from multiple industries and organisations, alongside seasoned experience attack and breach response;
  • Scalability to match workload and demand, with the capability to ramp up the service when you are kicking off a new program, and to scale down again when returning to business-as-usual operations;
  • Increased information security resilience and decreased impact of an attack or breach; and
  • Metrics for cyber security maturity and effectiveness, with regular reporting and dashboards.

The cost of the vCISO service is typically a fraction of what it would cost to have a full time CISO and provides comfort when the inevitable cyber attack occurs.

Our vCISO works closely with your team to map out and achieve intended goals, with the flexibility to engage at any point in new or ongoing security efforts and adjust project scope based on your requirements.

Embed senior security leadership into your management team. Talk to us today about how a vCISO might work for your organisation.

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