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Our Insights, Blog, and Case Studies provide the inspiration you need to address cyber security — and succeed as a business.


Our observations of the current cyber security landscape, a fresh perspective on what you need need to focus on right now


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We are a locally owned Perth company with international experience in addressing the challenges and the evolving threat of cyber security. People, process and technology supporting core products and services together with supply chains play an integral role in business performance. Awareness of your emerging risks and consideration of resilience capabilities will provide the opportunity for continued operation without disruption.

Our vision is to make Australian businesses more secure and resilient for the digital age. We aim to achieve this Vision by improving awareness, sovereign cyber security capabilities and addressing the skills and talent shortage.

We accomplish this through solution oriented and business focused approaches providing pragmatic and rapid response.  

We are Tannhauser - security in sync.
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If you require urgent assistance please contact us by phone on 1300 966 379.

Ransomware, data breaches or incidents with high business impact should be treated as urgent.  

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